Director of Sports, Jiemian News
Yiying Shi

As the Director of Sports at Jiemian News, Yiying has built the Sports Channel and led its team development from scratch, and has since taken charge of the Sports Channel on, the fastest growing news website in China. She also does consulting on the reporting field of luxurious consumer goods and most luxurious car manufacturers like Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. She is also working as a live commentator for CCTV 5.


Previously, Yiying has worked as a consultant for Tencent’s F1 live broadcast, a live commentator for Tencent Sports, the commentator of Shanghai Great Sports Channel on F1 live broadcasts and a weekly talk-show program, a commentator for Channel Max (the only national auto channel in China) on Motorsports, as a columnist on the most influenced portal SINA, sports newspapers like Titan Sports Newspaper and lifestyle magazines such as Men’s Health, Shanghai Life, The Bund etc, and a hostess and reporter of weekly TV program ‘F1 World Express’ made by Globomedia (Spain) in 2013.

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